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  1. Lentil & Mushroom Patties

    Lentil & Mushroom Patties

    Aromas handmade Lentil & Mushroom Pattie looks like ground meat but made with all vegetarian ingredients including lentils, mushrooms & sunflower seeds. Learn More
  2. Cheese & Potato Frittata

    Cheese & Potato Frittata

    This Cheese & Potato Frittata is great with some fruit for Breakfast or with a Salad for Lunch. Learn More
  3. Chickpea Curry

    Chickpea Curry

    Healthy and filling chickpeas in a tomato based curry. Learn More
  4. Tofu Curry

    Tofu Curry

    Even meat eaters will love the exotic flavour of this yogurt based curry. Can be served with basmati rice or naan bread. Learn More
  5. Artichoke & Roasted Red Pepper Frittata

    Artichoke & Roasted Red Pepper Frittata

    Serve with a salad and you’ve got the perfect light lunch! Learn More
  6. Eggplant Rollatini

    Eggplant Rollatini

    Gluten-free eggplant slices filled with ricotta cheese & spinach. Topped with Aromas Tomato Sauce, premium mozzarella & parmesan. Two pieces per person. (Gluten-Free) Learn More
  7. Spinach Stuffed Pasta Shells

    Spinach Stuffed Pasta Shells

    Jumbo pasta shells filled with spinach and ricotta cheese. Baked in Aromas Tomato Sauce and topped with premium mozzarella. Four pieces per person. Learn More
  8. Spinach Lasagna

    Spinach Lasagna

    Spinach, ricotta and premium mozzarella layered with thin egg pasta. Simply one of the best vegetarian lasagnas you’ll ever taste! Learn More
  9. Eggplant Parmigiana

    Eggplant Parmigiana

    Breaded and baked eggplant slices layered with premium mozzarella and Aromas Tomato Sauce. Never greasy or heavy. Tradition at it’s finest! Learn More
  10. Balsamic Glazed Portobello Mushroom Cap

    Balsamic Glazed Portobello Mushroom Cap

    A whole portobello mushroom cap layered with roasted red pepper & provolone. Learn More
  11. Stuffed Pepper

    Stuffed Pepper

    Green Pepper stuffed with rice, vegetables, cheese, and Aromas Tomato Sauce. Also nice as a side dish. Learn More
  12. Grilled Vegetable & Tofu Skewers

    Grilled Vegetable & Tofu Skewers

    A rainbow of mixed vegetables including zucchini, peppers & eggplant with tofu. Served hot. Learn More
  13. Loaded Vegetable Quiche

    Loaded Vegetable Quiche

    Deep-dish & filling! Serves 6. Learn More

13 Item(s)

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